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Too much weight gain can lead to lifelong ill health, but for people constantly on the go there is a way to turn your life around and lose weight the healthy way and without effort. Everybody wants a healthy way to satisfy hunger while giving the body superior nutrition at the same time.

realmeal GF ShakeDeveloped by  RealDose Nutrition, RealMeal GF makes it possible to get sufficient levels of all the essential nutrients you need, and the beauty of it is that it has been thoroughly tested to confirm its reliability.

Carefully formulated, the chocolate or vanilla meal replacement tastes great, it will  keep you full for hours, it keeps you one step ahead with a clear mind and it helps with maintaining good health.

A Healthy Breakfast Whipped Up in Less than a Minute

The best time to take RealMeal GF is at breakfast. If you are in a rush in the mornings, there’s no worry, as you can whip your meal up in less than a minute. If you prefer, you can also opt to use it at other meal times; up to twice a day. It’s low glycemic index means it can even be enjoyed late at night.

Some people put eight ounces of water into a blender, and add their scoop of powder and 3 ice cubes, and blend for 30 seconds. Other people prefer to add skim milk or low fat yogurt for more substance and added hunger control.
Skipping a meal and filling up on sweet sugary treats combined with erratic eating all play a part in slowing down the metabolism. Take-away foods are high in carbohydrates and saturated fat and by eating them all you are doing is contributing to high insulin production.

With a quickly prepared meal replacement, your body doesn’t have to contend with yo-yo eating habits which play havoc with your metabolism.

Healthy Weight Loss Comes Naturally

Getting into shape couldn’t be easier for those with a demanding lifestyle. This is because RealMeal GF is a satisfying and delicious tasting powdered meal supplement which has been carefully formulated to suppress your appetite without harmful stimulants.

Not only that, this nutrient-dense, low sugar content, quick-to-prepare liquid meal contains only 140 calories, and because it is natural, you won’t find any growth hormones, gluten, antibiotics or pesticides in the shake.
The Secret is the Whey Protein
The secret to RealMeal GF’s secret is its one very important ingredient….protein. The non-denatured whey protein comes from grass-fed cows and you are getting over 1/3 of your daily protein requirement.

This is combined with prebiotic fiber, digestive enzymes and other nutrients.

This tried and tested low calorie meal supplement by Dr Steven Sisskind, Chief Medical Officer at RealDose and a practicing physician, lowers glucose absorption into the blood stream so you lose weight faster.

Not only are you in line for losing weight, with RealMeal GF you stand to benefit healthwise too because it assists with liver detoxification and it helps control blood lipids and blood glucose levels.

My Review And Rating


A healthy and researched meal replacement gives one new meaning to losing weight the healthy way. Who wouldn’t want a tasty, balanced blend of nutrients in one single source that will help you lose weight and be healthy all at the same time?

Described as the real deal for real results, don’t let your weight be a source of health problems, because with RealMeal GF you can change your shape and change the way you live.

Find more information about this shake at: or visit the official Realdose website

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Realdose Realmeal GF
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on April 12, 2014
Realdose Realmeal GF
Many meal replacement shakes or protein shakes are very sweet because of artificial sweeteners. Realmeal GF is a lot healthier and is sweetened with monk fruit. It Helps control blood lipids and blood glucose levels. Personally I enjoyed the vanilla more than the chocolate flavor. All in all a great shake