Realdose Menopause Formula No. 1 Review

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menopause Formula 1

If you are anything like me, then you are likely dealing with hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms on a day-to-day basis.

Even if you take hormonal medications and make adjustments to your lifestyle, menopause wreaks havoc in our bodies, making us feel miserable and completely confused.

The moment I came across Menopause Formula No. 1 was the moment my life changed – not only did it help me relieve symptoms, but it also increased life enjoyment substantially.

It wasn’t long until I eventually started laughing at life again, as I was no longer experiencing hot flushes, sleep problems, hair thinning, or mood swings.
Read my review and find out more about this proven menopause solution below.

What Is Menopause Formula No. 1?

Menopause Formula No. 1 has been created by Steven Sisskind, M.D. to help women address and relieve menopause symptoms without physical, mental or emotional stress.

This product utilizes a formula of three botanicals that will support energy and stress hormone balance, glucose balance, heart health, mental clarity, calmness, and healthy inflammatory response as well.

Menopause Formula No. 1 promises visible results after only 4 weeks of actively taking the product, and claims to make transition to menopause easy and completely stress-free.

Menopause Formula1 Ingredients

menopause formula1 ingredients

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There are many important benefits of this product – I personally experienced a huge improvement in my menopause symptoms after just one week.

In the first place, the product is all-natural, as its formula is comprised of three botanicals that have been scientifically proven to relieve menopausal symptoms.

You will also notice a substantial improvement in heart health, and nearly no bothersome hot flushes. I also found myself a lot calmer and relaxed than usually, which enabled me to successfully focus on important tasks without continuously thinking about how miserable menopause is making my life.

Glucose balance will also improve, and you will certainly experience higher energy levels throughout the day, with no more insomnia or restless nights.

If you have lost sexual desire, and you lack intimacy with your significant other, Menopause Formula No. 1 will help you gain them back and keep a healthy, happy relationship.

Unlike other products of its kind, Menopause Formula No. 1 is perhaps the only one to be backed up by scientific research and clinical trials. Not only has it been tested to ensure maximum efficiency, but it has also been engineered to yield no side effects or adverse reactions.

I paid only $39 for a one-month supply equaling 60 vegetarian capsules, which is – in my opinion – much too expensive for the excellent results of this product. I also received a copy of the “Doctor's Secrets for Thriving Through Menopause,” which I think was a resourceful material that will help all women at menopause.


As for the drawbacks of Menopause Formula No. 1, there is not much to say about it. As with other products promising menopause relief, Menopause Formula No. 1 will not yield the same results for all women.

Although you will notice a significant improvement in your menopausal symptoms, you might still experience hot flashes every now and then, or emotional upsets such as anxiety, sadness, irritability, and nervousness.

If you expect the Menopause Formula No. 1 to be a magical pill – well, it isn't, and it certainly won’t make all menopausal symptoms disappear overnight. 

Our Rating

Where to Buy Menopause Formula 1?

If you are interested in buying Menopause Formula No. 1, you should know that the only authorized retailer is RealDose Nutrition.

Buying it directly from their website will ensure you of getting exactly the product you wanted at the best price – plus Dr. Steve’s 365-day, 100% no-hassle, money back guarantee if you ever think of claiming your money back.

I have been taking Menopause Formula No. 1 for one month now, and I am extremely satisfied with its efficiency. I can do all the things I want without dealing with bothersome menopausal symptoms, and I can fully enjoy life at last.

Make sure to read your copy of the “Doctor's Secrets for Thriving Through Menopause,” which really is one of the most complex, resourceful, and well-written materials on menopause you will ever find.

Realdose Menopause Formula No. 1 Review


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