Oceans Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton Review

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Oceans Alive 2.0
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Oceans Alive 2.0
Many users see improvement in their energy and health. We like to think Oceans Alive is a good product dispite the aweful taste...We hope that there will become more scientific proof though.

Oceans Alive Benefits

In the health scene, one supplement has lately been attracting the attention of health-conscious people. Going by the name of Oceans Alive, this latest health product boasts of having marine phytoplankton as one of its prime ingredients.

The Amazing Marine Phytoplankton

Before going into the efficacy of this particular formulation, there is a need to examine marine phytoplankton more closely to allow for a better appreciation of Oceans Alive 2.0.

A Review of the more comprehensive and credible type could thus be made. The man behind the product, Ian Clark, claims that marine phytoplankton should be considered as some type of superfood.

This essentially contains minerals, amino and fatty acids, various enzymes, and many other nutrients that provide the needed energy to enable one to last a whole day without much difficulty.

Despite being largely microscopic, phytoplanktons have been found to be extremely nutritious.

marine phytoplankton

For billions of years, they serve as the staple food of some of the largest animals living in various waters of the world, including blue whales and certain species of sharks.

Phytoplanktons are also unique and amazing organisms despite their size. Scientists discovered that since they first came into being, phytoplanktons were born with the power to turn water into various energy sources like protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

In this regard, they are said to be responsible for producing large amounts of oxygen which adequately supplies the needs of the entire planet.

Despite the abundance of marine phytoplankton though, not all known species can be consumed by man. Additionally, literally consuming vast amounts of phytoplankton is virtually impossible given its microscopic nature unless one lives underwater.

Oceans Alive, with its active ingredient of marine phytoplankton, provides the perfect solution to the problem.

oceans alive 2.0 dosage

15 drops a day is the normal dosage but depending on your needs it can be doubled. Don't forget to shake well before you add it to some water or juice. Keep in mind that you won't like the taste....BUT you will feel the benefits

What Is The Manufacturing Process And Location

The actual preparation of every bottle of Oceans Alive involves an extensive chemical process.

Initially, a special team composed of microbiologists, physicians, botanists, and scientists was formed to determine the most suitable phytoplankton for humans.


One particular phytoplankton strain, the Nannochloropsis Gaditona, was eventually discovered and chosen as the main ingredient.

Large volumes of this strain were produced using numerous bio-reactors made up of glass tubings connected to massive horizontal grids.

To ensure that maximum phytoplankton growth is reached without the contamination of other harmful microorganisms, a sea water solution purified chemically was used alongside an environment similar to spring bloom.

Oceans Alive Ingredients Click To View

Once a phytoplankton reaches maturity, this is immediately placed inside a spinning centrifuge to remove water left all across the microorganism.

At the same time, care is taken to ensure that the water inside the phytoplankton is preserved. Meanwhile, to enable the phytoplankton to attain its liquid nutrient formulation, this is usually combined with trace minerals.

Set inside a large complex of commercial facilities, the product is prepared in a totally enclosed environment. This is deliberate to ensure that the exact conditions essential for the proper growth of the phytoplankton are met.

When it comes to the ingredients, Oceans Alive claims that it only contains marine phytoplankton, and about 10 trillion cells of this are safely contained inside every bottle.

These come in their raw and unadulterated form which means that no preservatives were added in manufacturing the supplement.

Oceans Alive 2.0 Effectiveness

Early users of the product have reported getting a fishy after taste soon after ingestion. For this reason, many recommend mixing the product with several liquid drinks for a better tasting experience.

Other than that, many customers confess to having markedly improved immunity systems, better blood circulation, enhanced mental functioning, and an overall feeling of increased energy levels.

This should not really come as a surprise given the many benefits that can be derived from phytoplankton consumption, all of which have been scientifically proven.

Buying Oceans Alive 2.0

For interested buyers, a visit to the official Oceans Alive website is recommended for more secure purchases. Links from other sites can also be looked into, as these are known to offer the product as well.

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