Biotrust Leptiburn Review

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Biotrust Leptiburn Review

Leptiburn is a a dietary supplement product that is said to be quite effective in helping people lose weight.

Given the kind of popularity that this product is currently enjoying, a  review is definitely in order.

The Company Behind Leptiburn

BioTrust developed Leptiburn which considers the supplement as its flagship product. This should not come as a surprise since the people behind Leptiburn are certified nutrition and fitness experts.

This review, though, will not go into the personal and professional details of these people. Rather, the focus will be on the product itself with the aim of finding out how effective this is.

The Leptin Diet

The main selling point of Leptiburn is in promoting the hormone leptin, which is said to be responsible in helping the body burn fat quickly and suppress appetite at the same time.

Since the body is known to produce leptin naturally, it goes without saying that this particular hormone is an important partner when it comes to losing weight.

Various researches show, however, that at some point in time, the brain becomes unresponsive to the presence of leptin and eventually disallows the body from changing fat into energy.

The culprit is the food that people eat which have unfortunately been treated with various chemicals. At the same time, a polluted environment has made the body insensitive to leptin, rendering the hormone practically unused.

In the end, more unwanted fat gets to be stored inside the body. When measures are introduced to remove them in the form of exercise and weight loss programs, the body system senses this as dangerous and thus reacts accordingly.

An interesting aspect of this is that less leptin is produced since it has been conditioned to believe that excess fat is not necessarily bad.

Leptin and Leptiburn

weight loss supplementSeveral health and pharmaceutical companies found the leptin theory credible, and have developed numerous products intended to address the problem of obesity as a result of the lack of leptin. Very few have been successful in their attempts.

For its part, Leptiburn clarifies that it makes no claim about being able to produce leptin. Its basic intention is to stimulate the adrenal gland into producing leptin at higher levels. At the same time, Leptiburn helps the body become sensitive again to the presence of leptin by allowing this to carry out its basic functions.

This is where it becomes interesting especially since the focus is to determine if Leptiburn can actually keep its brand promise especially with regard to leptin. In order to  achieve this, a close examination of the ingredients that make up a single bottle of Leptiburn needs to be made.

A Look At Leptiburn Ingredients

The product has five active ingredients, four of which have been scientifically proven to increase leptin production inside the body. The first is Invingia Gabonensis, which prevents the excessive production of C-reactive protein CRP, a chemical known to resist leptin.

Another Leptburn ingredient, Oleanolic acid, is responsible for stimulating the production of the peptide Glucagon-like Peptide-1 or GLP-1. Scientists contend that increased GLP-1 production results in an increased leptin level.

Meanwhile, the brown seaweed extract Modifilan is a known stimulant of TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone, which is produced by the adrenal glands, the same glands where leptin is produced. Another ingredient, Panax notoginseng, is a Chinese appetite suppressant which should help leptin in addressing appetite issues.

The fifth ingredient, yerba mate and green tea extracts,  is likewise an appetite suppressant. Additionally, they have been found to aid in moving fat cells out of the body.

What Supplements DO have prove to fight Leptin Resistance?

Omega 3 fatty acids….This is one of the few ingredients that have the capabilities to fix Leptin issues.

You can find research about it here and here


Fit WomanYes the ingredients are all natural, but no evidence that it fixes Leptin issues

More importantly, its claim about being an effective weight loss supplement is not  supported by sufficient scientific findings.

Leptiburn, however, as noted in one Leptiburn review, is really expensive, although some interesting offers are available if bulk orders are made.

Another concern involves the ingredient panax notoginseng which carries energizing qualities.

This can cause problems to some people, especially those suffering from such disorders as insomnia.

To fix Leptin Resistance I would recommend you buy a high quality omega 3 supplement


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